Olympic Weightlifting

Our club’s main focus, weightlifting, is a sport all about demonstrating the greatest strength and power. In competitions, this is determined by two lifts – the snatch and the clean & jerk.

In the snatch, a barbell is lifted from the ground to being locked out overhead in one continuous motion. In the clean & jerk, the barbell is pulled from the floor to a racked position in front of the neck. The weight is then “jerked” overhead with a fast, explosive press.

In competition, athletes are divided according to sex and weight class. Competitors receive three attempts for each lift. Winners are based on the highest combined “total” (heaviest snatch + heaviest clean & jerk).

Training for these two lifts involves many other lifts that enhance technique, strength, and explosiveness. Some common examples are back squats, power cleans, and Romanian deadlifts.

In the United States, all competitions are through USA Weightlifting.

The lockout position of a clean & jerk

The bottom position of a snatch